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Elijah Wen

Elijah Wen is a student of Dr. Felix Tao Chang, and formerly studied under the guidance of Judith Moore. He is a medalist in MTAC Regional Concerto Competition three times in a row, SYMF Concerto Competition, Musical Arts Competition of Orange County four times in a row, winner of MTAC Theme Festival four times in a row, Diamond Bar Performing Arts Competition two times in a row, and ENKOR International Music Competition. He is also a 2018 MTAC State Panel Finalist.

Aside from piano, Elijah, a junior in Irvine High School, is a violinist in Irvine High’s Philharmonic Orchestra, the highest level orchestra offered. He was a freshman representative of IHS American Cancer Society and is a Vice President of FASCA, a Taiwanese Culture Organization. He enjoys playing badminton, painting, immersing in Chinese culture, and studying biology.