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Haneul (Sky) Kim

I am a soprano classical singer studying music in secondary schooling and have also been accepted into the role of the 2018 music captain of Mary MacKillop College (Kensington).
I began my musical studies on the piano at the age of seven and continued to only learn to play the piano until around 15 years of age, when I started my first singing lesson from a classical vocal teacher. From then on, I continued to study music within and outside of school as a classical singer. I have been invited to be a part of all the vocal ensembles within the school, including jazz, pop, and religious choirs. I have been accepted to perform in showcases such as the Rotary Club Music Night and solo support acts for the Catholic Schools Music Festival.

During my second to last year of secondary school, I completed two senior music subjects and received excellent results, even accepting a subject award for both of them. I am now finishing my last year of secondary school and am on my way to completing musicianship, solo performance special studies and music individual studies.