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Amy Zeng

Amy Zeng is a seventh grade student in Aptos Junior High School. She currently learns piano with Dr. Chia-Lin Yang who is on faculty at University of California-Santa Cruz. Amy started to play piano when she was 5 and a half years old. Ever since then, music has been an indispensable part in her life. She sits for hours playing music every day, attends concerts, and participates in competitions where she won many awards and honors, including the 3rd prize in the 2017 Hongkong Chopin Open Piano Competition and the Golden Medal in the 2016 Shanghai International Teenage Piano Competition in Hangzhou.

Besides spending hours playing piano everyday, she is very passionate about operas. Her favorites are Turandot, Carmen, and Madame Butterfly.
Amy is a happy girl. She loves music, books and sports. Most importantly, she loves life.