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Anjie Sun

Anjie (AJ) Sun just turned 10 in November and he is currently a 4th grader at the Harrington Elementary school of Lexington. AJ has learned piano for almost 5 years and has been a student at the YIDAN Piano studio for 3 years. AJ had performed in school soirees, the recital at Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture and YIDAN Piano Studio Recitals at MIT Killian Hall and at the First Parish of Watertown. AJ participated in 2016 MMTA Judged Festival and won 2nd Place in Bach at the 4th GOCAA Youth Pianist Competition. He also joined the 5th GOCAA Youth Pianist Competition and won the Best Performance Award. Most recently, AJ won the 2nd place award for the 2018 Elite International Music Competition. He has also enjoyed his 2nd year of violin lesson and is a member of Lexington All Town Orchestra. Besides his love of music, AJ enjoys reading, soccer, Scratching, and Pokemon/Minecraft games. AJ is a member of the LPDA 2008 Boys soccer team and also plays the A soccer travel team in Lexington.