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Bethany Kua

Bethany Kua hails from St Anthony Canossian Primary School and is a TALENTED PERFORMER of the arts since she was four years old.

She is adept at singing, dance, public speaking and has pursued the LAMDA examination to better her craft and she believes this shows her commitment and true passion in the arts.

She was exposed to the Hong Kong Student Arts Festival 2019 where she was awarded silver in both her Chinese and English solo, first place in her group singing and second place in her duet. During her recent trip to Malaysia for the Malaysia Arts Festival, she was also awarded a silver and a bronze for her Chinese and English solo songs.

In June, she participated in the Lil SAFRA competition in the solo song and dance category and was subsequently award 3rd placing in the solo song category.

She was given the opportunity to be the main cast for the Village Hotel Katong’s family campaign.

Bethany is also a vocal student of Ms Grace Ee Wern, a Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy practitioner, vocal coach and voice trainer of Vocalogy. Under her tutelage, Bethany was selected by Voices of Singapore to perform solo during the Voices of Singapore Festival and went on to clinch First Place in the Emuse International Competition in Germany under category A, Voices. She is also a second place winner for Musical Theatre in the American Protégé Competition.

Bethany believes in the importance of being WELL-ROUNDED and has been learning to paint and draw from a young age. She plays the ukele and the piano as well. Please see her portfolio as appended.